Recent Work

My work is expressive, bold and magical. I like to make paintings you can dive into. Space to breathe. Dramatic views you can lose yourself in. I get lost in painting, immersed in the space.

I’m amazed and inspired by nature, the abundance and chaos, the colours, textures, shapes and patterns. I’m excited by the cycles of day and night, the extreme colours as the sun rises and sets, the rhythm of the seasons. This resonates with my female energy and connects me to the earth.

The world moves so fast. I need to remind myself to take a breath. My paintings anchor me.

Currently I’m creating paintings based on my emotional responses to nature month by month.

I like to work quickly.  I like to get straight on the canvas and let the journey begin. One thing leads to another, and I literally buzz. I see it clearly. I AM THERE.

Enchanted Wood

September, the air changes, the light is different. Autumn is here. I loved the golden pink sunsets and revelled in the dark silhouettes. The drama of this light gives everything a magical feel.

As we prepare for the dark nights, getting ready to hunker down there was one last burst of the summer. Now it’s time to enter the deep dark enchanted woods of autumn.

Acrylic on stretched canvas - 1000mm x 700mm


August has always fascinated me, the peak holiday season when everything changes. We’re past the blinding solstice and we sailed through July on the end of term wave. Here we are, it’s August!

Intense and wonderful. I find this time is rich in new experiences that replace familiar routines.

This scene is echoing a favourite composition, the far-reaching view of a meadowland, embraced by the protective forest. The twilight sky reminds me of that magical hour before the sun sets or rises for real. And the rich and colourful poppy field represents the vibrancy of the August experience.

To see how the painting started life, here's a link to a reel.

Acrylic on stretched canvas - 1000mm x 700mm



I painted this from a childhood memory. I know this place so well, I have been in this random spot countless times. The main road leads from Esh village to Esh Laude where family friends lived and the road to the right leads to Quebec a small village that had the best 1907’s playground.

This is also a painting that celebrates July and the lushness of the countryside. My son thought it was France, it reminds him of the holidays we’ve enjoyed there. Lush, green and full of sunshine.

I have been heavily influenced by David Hockney with this one. I am a huge Hockney fan and adore his joyful paintings of Yorkshire, Garrowby Hill is a favourite.

See how this painting started life, see the video here

Acrylic on stretched canvas - 1000mm x 700mm


Secret Meadow

Dawn breaking, a wet and luscious meadows hidden away in a secret spot, safely nestled and surrounded by deep dark forest. Flowers emerge – fluid and embryonic. The fertile earth opens up, Warmer weather and light are on their way.

This painting started with me daubing blue over the canvas, channelling a dawn I saw on Brighton beach, where the sky was ink blue and the orange sun peeped through. Layer upon layer of paint and the golden-green meadow emerged. I grew up on a hill and feel more at home with fields than beaches. The flowers were the final addition, inspired by Joan Mitchell and her abstract expressive paintings. I painted intuitively, layering colour fast and freely, letting the paint lead me.

Here is a video showing how this painting started life, watch it here

Acrylic paint on stretched canvas - 1000mm x 700mm



Finally, after a long harsh winter and a lockdown, I felt the warmth of the sun, A glimpse of hope and joy. It’s early in the summer season. It’s fresh and new and clean and spacious. I made this painting as a response to April. It flowed quickly and freely. Almost to easily, it was magical.

I love the breezy simplicity; it makes me feel calm. I love the soft curves the warm embrace of blue sky and hug of the clouds. The yellow curve so joyful. The dark purple shapes representing emerging flowers or the shadows of all the friends and family I am missing so much.
Here is a video of the glazing stages of this painting, watch it here

Acrylic on stretched canvas - 1000mm x 700mm


Solstice party

June, the summer equinox, feels like we’ve reached a peak before we dive into the deepest summer of July. It’s still fresh and new, the flowers are in full bloom, the light is amazing. A playful and exciting time.

The composition echos previous work. I wanted a space to run into and feel June. The flowers are deep and contrasting, darker blues, deep violets and lighter pinks and yellows. I focus on the shapes, their relationships and the feeling of abundance. The yellow pathway leads us to the far horizon through the grassy meadow and the distant hills. I love the wispy clouds in the deep blue sky. This is a happy place I want to be.

Here is a video showing how this painting started life, see the sunshine here

Acrylic on stretched canvas - 1000mm x 700mm



Boom! and May arrived. Mother nature has exploded. Here is the power and force of nature in full flow. Buds, flowers, shoots - everything growing up, fast and furious. This is a stylised piece: symmetrical and curved, feminine and round. The sky is a shade of night to bring an air of mystery. The universe is all things at once, day and night and day.

This flowed straight on to the canvas and was such a joy to paint, Skipping through the tulip fields, painting that big bright sun head.  Making it glow and vibrate with layer upon layer of glazing.

I love the idea that this is mother nature, the sun goddess or some other female power embracing us all. The abundance of flowers and the length of her arms reaching wide and off the canvas. There is no end to her love. This painting fills me with joy.

Acrylic on stretched canvas - 1000mm x 700mm



Freezing and icy, the chill of winter still lingers. The sun rises and sets in the most spectacular light, filling the clear crisp air with extraordinary colours that make the land glow. This was painted from memory of northern landscapes of huge views with forests and snow-covered fields.

I painted this in response to February, missing the North I painted this space I could be in and feel the northern winter around me.

The painting has a pathway, leading you into the painting and inviting you into the far distance. Space to breathe and be still. I love the pink sky and glimpse of the golden sun. It feels nurturing and safe, playful and light.

Acrylic on stretched canvas - 1000mm x 700mm



Deep dark winter. This landscape is based loosely on a northern view of Roseberry Topping a beautiful and distinctive hill in North Yorkshire.

I remember deep snow. Walking with welly boots and freezing toes. Magical and unusual. When snow descends on this scale the world stops and takes a breath.

Under a dark sky with golden light a path leads through the harsh snow into the smooth, calm distance towards the friendly, protective hill.

Acrylic on stretched canvas - 1000mm x 700mm