Paintings of People and Places

Melanie Hickmore is an artist based in Brighton, England. 

She grew up in County Durham in the Northeast and has enjoyed painting and drawing ever since she can remember.

Melanie uses line and colour confidently to create bold and beautiful paintings that bring joy to people around the world.

Welcome to Melanie's website.



Melanie's painting is so relaxing and satisfiying to look at, I love the colours she uses, bold, bright and harmonious.

Megan Thomas

Melanie has the uncanny knack of beautifully capturing atmospheres and essences, making her work incredibly relatable. I often feel like I have been to the places before, they are familiar yet otherworldly - magical and dreamy in their softness. I love how she finds patterns and lines and softens them to create really fluid, sometimes abstract structures. I find her work amazing because I can feel her being moved by the subject, and in turn feel the connection myself.

Freya Blom

I completely trusted Melanie with the commission. She interpreted my wishes perfectly and translated the mood, atmosphere and colours so beautifully onto the canvas. I'm 100% delighted with the painting.

Anne Rupert

We absolutely love Melanie's painting of our little boy on his swing, it has caught the moment beautifully and is a joy to have hanging in our lounge.

Charlotte Graham