I grew up in the northeast on a hilltop just outside Durham City. Open spaces are very important to me and feature a lot in my work. I like to lose myself in these landscapes as I paint, a contrast to the reality of living in the vibrant and bustling city of Brighton on the south coast of England.

I started painting again in 2020 after a long break.  Through experimentation and play I have found a love of acrylics, creating layered, messy paintings that refine with each layer. Bold and expressive, magical and intriguing, my work is a balance between abstraction and realism. There is a tension between the decorative surface and an invitation to enter the pictorial space. Always seeking a connection to nature and a space to stop and breathe.

I work from home in a designated studio space, a home that I share with my husband and two young boys.

I studied Sculpture at the University of Northumbria in 95-98.

My main avenue on social media is Instagram @melaniehickmore_art. I love the freedom of Instagram and enjoy using it as an art journal to document a variety of finished artwork, process reels, behind the scenes, sketchbook work and inspiration.