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Hey there from Melanie! This is the page where you get to see my past commissions! ---------------- Most of my work can be categorised as the painting of People, or Pets. ---------------- Please scroll down to the section you require.


All portraits shown here are commissions. They have been created from life in my studio or the persons home or from photo references.

Treat yourself or someone you love with a bespoke portrait by Melanie.

It has been a pleasure to be painted by Mel. She totally put us at ease! She is so skilled at capturing the essence of our personalities. We are delighted with her portrait of us. It is a celebration.

- Kim


All the paintings here are commissions. Our furry friends aren't usually great at sitting still, so I work from photos.

Celebrate your pet by placing their picture on your wall.

Mel  managed to perfectly capture Fez’s personality and features, We absolutely love the painting and couldn’t be happier with the result.

- Anne